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This short and pleasant trek takes us through the two districts of Punakha and Wangdue, allowing us to observe the various facets of rural life in Bhutan. Each of the villages we pass through has interesting folk and historical narratives to share. We also have the opportunity to enjoy nature as we traverse oak, cypress, rhododendron, and pine forests, along with encountering mountain springs, meadows, traditional bridges, and temples.



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Duration: 4 days
Altitude: 1100-1900m
Standard: easy
Route length: 54 kms
Weather: warm
Best Seasons: March-April; September and October
Place: Punakha-Wangdue districts


• Bhutan’s longest suspension bridge
• The only ropeway in Bhutan
• The mythical Samtengang lake
• Trails of Drukpa Kuenley, Divine Madman.
• Various snapshots of nature and culture

Detail Itinerary

Distance: 12km
Trek time: 4 hours
Camp altitude: 1,980m
After passing the majestic Punakha Dzong you cross a footbridge over the Pho Chhu and walk up to Shengana. This is the longest bridge in Bhutan. You then climb gradually through the forest until you reach Limukha. Make sure you are carrying enough water as you won’t find any on the way to Limukha.

Distance: 14km
Trek time: 5 hours
Camp altitude: 1,550
The path leads through rhododendron and oak forests to Chhungsakha. Chhungsakha is a small village of about 10 houses. You’ll find a holy stone and an impressive Cyprus tree here that are reminders of Drukpa Kuenley, the “divine madman”.

Distance: 13km
Trek time: 5 hours
Camp altitude: 1,830
Today you will walk downhill until you cross Pho Chhu before climbing again through the village of Sha on your way to Samtengang. Near the school in Samtengang you will see a small lake and your campsite is right next to it.

Distance: 15km
Trek time: 5-6 hours
The trail leads steeply downhill on a treeless slope to the road head at Chhuzomsa

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