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Bhutan Rhododendron Tour

This is a combination of cultural, nature and rhododendron tour


  • 11 days adventure touring


  • 11 nights camping


  • 11 Dinner
  • 11 Lunch
  • 11 Breakfast


  • 8 species of Rhododendrons
  • Rhododendron garden at the Thrumshingla National Park
  • Royal Botanical Park 

Bhutan has 48 of the 1,000 species of Rhododendrons found worldwide. Growing at an altitude between 1,200m to 4,800m, the species blanket the alpine region of Bhutan in spring decorating the high mountain passes in a riot of colors. Of the 48 known species, six are endemic to Bhutan – R. pogonophyllum, R. bhutanense, R. flinckii, R. khochiivar, R.hodgsonii; and R kesangiae, named after the Royal Grandmother Ashi Kesang Choden Wangchuck.
To commemorate the Year of Mountains in 2002, Bhutan opened a 22-hectre rhododendron garden at the Thrumshingla National Park which covers central and eastern Bhutan. Bhutan hosts an annual Rhododendron festival at the Lamperi Royal Botanical Park in Spring with 31 species.

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