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Dance of the Drums Tour

Seasons: throughout the year, the best during Drametse festival
Places of visit: whole of west, central and east Bhutan.


  • 17 days adventure touring


  • 16 nights in Hotel


  • 17 Dinner
  • 17 Lunch
  • 17 Breakfast


  • Witness the Drametse Ngacham in its place of origin. The dance isperformed in Drametse monastery founded by a celestial woman (dakini) centuries ago.

Eastern Bhutan has many dialects spoken and a very rich variation of customs subtly different from eastern Bhutan. Discover the differences that enrich Bhutanese culture. Nested on a high plateau is the home of the impressive masked dance of the drums called Dramitse Nga Cham, recognised as a UNESCO cultural heritage, and performed by dancers wearing masks featuring various wildlife, who beat drums in unison. This tour is a cultural odyssey taking you all over Bhutan.

• Enter the world of unexplored trekking, historical and cultural escapes, great scenery, traditional textile making and natural wonders.
• Witness the Drametse Ngacham in its place of origin. The dance isperformed in Drametse monastery founded by a celestial woman (dakini) centuries ago. Visit Aja Ney, a sacred site, where you receive blessings and wash away your sins.
• Welcome to Lhuentse, the most isolated district with stark cliffs towering above river gorges and dense coniferous forests. This is the ancestral home of Bhutan’s Kings.
• Go to Khoma village, for its elaborate woven cloth made of

silk, called Kishuthara. One will get to see women weaving intricate designs and patterns with traditional looms.
• Get to Gangzur village, popular for women artisans with pottery skills.
• In Trashiyangtse a small town famous for its handmade lathed wooden containers and bowls, one of the oldest art forms in Bhutan.
• Visit Chorten Kora, fashioned after the Boudhanath temple in Nepal. Get to the easternmost point of Bhutan, Trashigang, where dwell hill tribes, Merak and Sakteng people, known for their remarkable features and costumes.
• See Radhi, known as the “rice bowl of the east”, home to experts in weaving natural raw silk textiles.
• Visit Dewathang, where the battle of Dewanagiri, between Bhutan and British India, was fought in 1864.
• Exit at the border town of Samdrupjongkhar, gateway to the Indian state of Assam.

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