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Bumthang Owl Trek offers an invigorating experience of the culture and environment of a valley in central Bhutan. The three-day trek offers fantastic views of an unspoiled natural environment endowed with a diverse array of flora and fauna. Hikers can also visit ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries.
The trek takes one along the tranquil ridges and mountains of Bumthang with great views of Mt. Gangkar Phuensum, the highest unclimbed peak in the world at 7,570 metres. Wildlife species like the beautiful Himalayan Tragopan can be sighted around April and May along the trek route which meanders through virgin forest of temperate trees like spruce, hemlock, fir, birch, bamboo and many species of rhododendron.

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Duration: 3 days
Entry & exit: Paro airport
Standard: easy
Best Seasons: late spring, April to early June
Place: Bumthang, central Bhutan

Detail Itinerary

The trek starts from Manchugang and takes you to Dhur village (2900m). The inhabitants of the village are the nomadic Kheps and Brokpas. This village has two distinct dialects, the Bumthang Kha and the Brokke a language spoken by the nomads. Near the river is a traditional water-driven flour mill which used to be a source of livelihood for the people of Dhur village. The trek resumes with an uphill climb through blue pine forests towards the campsite at Schonath (3450m) which is covered in hemlock and juniper trees. The otherwise silent nights are punctuated with the hooting of owls, hence the name ‘The Owl Trek’.

The second day of this trek is mainly through lush forests of hemlock, fir, spruce and many species of rhododendrons. After few hours of walking you will arrive at the Drangela Pass (3600m). Climbing up the Kitiphu ridge brings you to the campsite for the night at an altitude of about 3870m. From this point you can have a fresh view of snow-capped mountains and valleys underneath. This is also when you can view the mount Gangkarpunsum (7541m), the highest unclimbed peak in the world.

On the last day you will descend towards the monasteries of Zambhalha, Chuedak and Tharpaling. Chuedak monastery has 100 Avoloketeshvaras in the form of Chugchizhey (eleven heads) where you may pray for yourself and all living beings. Towards the afternoon the trek will take you along the ridge of Kikila and following the traditional trek route between Trongsa and Bumthang (the Royal Heritage Trail) through scenic hills and forests. Finally you will have the best view of Jakar Dzong and come to end of the trek at Bumthang.

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