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We follow the course of Chamkhar Chhu, a river rich in trout, and wade our way through villages, visiting temples, sacred sites, observing farm life, mingling with people in a region described as the ‘cultural heartland’ of Bhutan. The temples are very old, deemed extremely sacred, as they were built or patronized by the greatest masters in Vajrayana Buddhism. Most of all, the trek is an occasion to absorb the rejuvenating physical beauty of landscapes and the peaceful rhythm of life there. We feel the deep yet inexplicable connection between spirituality and everyday life.



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Duration: 3 days
Entry & exit: Paro airport
Standard: easy
Best Seasons: spring & autumn
Place: Bumthang, central Bhutan

Detail Itinerary

Distance: 12km
Trek time: 4-5 hours
Camp altitude: 2,800m
The route follows the Chamkhar Chu, a river known for trout and stops for lunch at Thangbi Lhakhang. From here the trek enters the Ngang Yul (Land of the Swan) at the centre of which lies the Ngang Lhakhang (Swan Temple). The valley was once populated by swans, and hence the name Ngang Yul.

Distance: 16km
Trek time: 6 hours
Camp altitude: 2,720m
You will begin the day by crossing verdant meadows and with a beautiful view of the valley below. Then you climb gradually to Phephe La (3,360m), the highest point of the trek route. The trail passes through beautiful forested areas where many stops can be made to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. The path leads you downhill into a broad valley. Amongst several possible camping sites the most likely one is uphill behind the village of Tahung.

Distance: 16km
Trek time: 4-5 hours
The trail follows the Tang Chu, another trout-filled river. On the bank of the river is the Tang Rinpoche’s Lhakhang. The trek will pass the Mebar Tsho (Burning Lake) and lead you to Tang Ogyencholing. Ogyencholing Palace houses the only privately owned museum in Bhutan and has all manner of traditional artefacts on display. From here you will soon reach the road head.

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