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Gangri Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneering and distinguished name in the realm of Bhutanese tourism. Established in the year 1991, we hold the distinct honor of being the very first company to venture into the business when Bhutan decided to open its doors to private tourism, marking a significant moment in the country’s travel history. As of 2016, we proudly celebrated our Silver Jubilee, commemorating 25 years of unwavering commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences.

Our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Over the years, we have navigated the challenges and successes of the travel industry, consistently growing and evolving. Bhutan’s tourism ethos centers around “high value, low volume” tourism, and we have risen to the occasion, serving nearly 20,000 guests, an exceptional feat in the Bhutanese context.

For the past 24 years, we have consistently ranked among the top 10 tour operators in the country, a testament to our dedication to excellence and our ability to craft unique and memorable journeys for our clients.

Our success is built upon a foundation of unwavering dedication, a commitment to delivering unparalleled service, and an unending passion for ensuring that every traveler experiences the magic of Bhutan. We take pride in being your trusted partner for a quarter of a century and look forward to creating many more remarkable travel memories in the years to come.


Throughout our journey, we have achieved several milestones and accolades, further solidifying our position as a leading travel agent in Bhutan. Some of our notable achievements include:

Our Team & Guide

Behind Gangri Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd is a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about travel and have an in-depth understanding of Bhutan. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team members are committed to ensuring every aspect of your trip is meticulously planned and executed, leaving you with nothing to worry about except making lifelong memories.

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